2000/9     UNFPA multi-year funding framework, 2000-2003

The Executive Board

1.        Reaffirms its decision 99/5 on the UNFPA multi-year funding framework (MYFF);

2.        Notes with appreciation the report of the Executive Director on the multi-year funding framework, 2000-2003 (DP/FPA/2000/6);

3.        Welcomes the significant achievements of UNFPA both at headquarters and in the field in developing the multi-year funding framework;

4.        Welcomes the strategic direction of the multi-year funding framework and looks forward to its continued implementation;

5.        Requests the Executive Director to implement the multi-year funding framework, 2000-2003, taking into account the views expressed at the Executive Board at its second regular session 2000, and the previous relevant decisions;

6.        Notes the funding scenarios accompanying the results framework as representing UNFPA resource mobilization targets and encourages all countries in a position to do so to assist UNFPA to reach a total figure of regular and supplementary resources of $1,434 million for the period 2000-2003;

7.        Requests the Executive Director to provide updated estimates of regular and supplementary resources in the multi-year funding framework at the third regular session 2000;

8.        Encourages UNFPA, in consultation with the Executive Board, to evaluate regularly the actual and projected resource situation, taking into account resources received in order to contribute to programme effectiveness, and thereby to encourage all countries in a position to do so to increase their contributions to UNFPA;

9.        Requests the Executive Director, in consultation with the Executive Board, to continue to develop and refine the multi-year funding framework as a strategic management tool at corporate and country levels, which integrates programme objectives, resources, budget and outcomes, with the objective of increasing core resources, taking into account experiences gained as the framework is implemented as well as the views expressed by members of the Executive Board at the second regular session 2000, inter alia,

(a) Refinement of outputs and time bound indicators;

(b) Refinement of the linkages between strategies, goals and outputs;

(c) Further exploration of the methodology for evaluating the relationship between results and available resources, recognizing that there is no direct, one-to-one statistical link between resources and results;

(d) Further development of UNFPA resource mobilization strategy;

10.        Reiterates the need for the full engagement of programme countries at all stages in the elaboration, monitoring and reporting of the results framework;

11.        Requests the Executive Director, from 2001 onwards and in conjunction with the announcement of voluntary core contributions to UNFPA, to report every year at the annual session, as per paragraph 81 of document DP/FPA/2000/6, on:

(a) Annual progress in contributing to the goals and achieving the outputs identified in the results framework and;

(b) Status of financial implementation of the resources framework;

12.        Also requests the Executive Director to report to the Executive Board at its annual session 2001 and annually thereafter, on the development and refinement of the multi-year funding framework;

13.        Requests the Executive Director to present a detailed report at its annual session 2003 on the results achieved in the cycle, lessons learned, and their implications for priority setting and formulation of the multi-year funding framework for the subsequent cycle taking into account the need to harmonize UNDP/UNFPA/UNICEF reporting cycles.


7 April 2000