2000/8   UNFPA and sector-wide approaches

The Executive Board

1.        Notes with appreciation the report on sector-wide approaches contained in document DP/FPA/2000/CRP.3;

2.        Encourages UNFPA to strengthen further its participation in the design and execution of sector-wide approaches in accordance with its mandate and comparative advantage, and in particular regarding normative aspects, in the areas of reproductive health, including family planning and maternal and sexual health, and population and development strategies and its comprehensive advocacy for gender equality and the empowerment of women and requests the Executive Director to report thereon to the Executive Board in the annual report of the multi-year funding framework;

3.        Also encourages UNFPA, where feasible, to play an advocacy role to ensure that reproductive health and rights and population variables are included in other relevant sectors;

4.        Urges UNFPA in its involvement in sector-wide approaches to pay increased attention to the growing problems caused by the HIV/AIDS epidemic;

5.        Endorses UNFPA participation, on a case-by-case basis, in common-basket funding arrangements in sector-wide approaches where UNFPA is satisfied that adequate monitoring, reporting and accounting mechanisms are in place, taking into account the views expressed by the Executive Board at its second regular session 2000 and in this respect encourages UNFPA to join with partners to support and strengthen programme country systems for monitoring, reporting and accounting, where feasible;

6.        Requests UNFPA to track carefully its involvement in sector-wide approaches, compiling lessons learned and good practices, including the impact UNFPA participation in common baskets has on the achievement of the multi-year funding framework outputs, and to share this knowledge with the Executive Board and, where appropriate, with Governments, donors, partners in the United Nations system and civil society organizations;

7.        Also requests the Executive Director to keep UNFPA financial regulations under active review, taking into account any adjustment that may facilitate the full participation of UNFPA in sector-wide approaches and to present proposals on this issue to the Executive Board at its first regular session 2002 after having submitted it to the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions;

8.        Further requests UNFPA, in collaboration with United Nations Development Group partners, where appropriate, to ensure adequate staff training on sector-wide approaches to enable the full participation of UNFPA in the processes.


6 April 2000