Overview of decisions adopted by the Executive Board at its first regular session 2000


UNDP/UNFPA segment


Item 5:  Implementation of recommendations of the Board of Auditors

Took note of the UNDP report on implementation of recommendations of the Board of Auditors for the biennium 1996-1997 (DP/2000/6);

Took note of the UNFPA report on follow-up to the report of the Board of Auditors for 1996-1997: Status of implementation of recommendations (DP/FPA/2000/4);

Item 6:  Field visits

Took note of the report of the field visit to Bulgaria and Georgia (DP/2000/CRP.2);

UNFPA segment


Item 7:  Country programmes and related matters

Approved the following country programmes:

Assistance to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran (DP/FPA/IRN/3);
Assistance to the Government of Zimbabwe (DP/FPA/ZWE/4);

Approved the extension of and additional resources for the UNFPA country programme for Niger (DP/FPA/NER/4/EXT.1);

Approved the UNFPA intercountry programme, 2000-2003 (DP/FPA/2000/1), taking into account the comments of the Board as reflected in the report of the session;

Took note of the review of the UNFPA intercountry programme, 1996-1999 (DP/FPA/2000/1/Add.1);

Item 8:  Financial, budgetary and administrative matters

Endorsed the standard rate of 7.5 per cent for reimbursement of administrative and operational support costs for UNFPA execution of co-financing trust-fund activities;

Adopted decision 2000/5 of 28 January 2000 on the revised UNFPA Financial Regulations;

Took note of the Report of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (DP/FPA/2000/5);

Item 9:  Technical advisory programme, 2000-2003

Took note of the selection of Bratislava, Slovakia, as the site of the UNFPA country technical services team office to cover countries with economies in transition;

Item 10:  Other matters

Took note of the oral report on the outcome of the 2-3 December 1999 meeting of the WHO/UNICEF/UNFPA Coordinating Committee on Health and the report of the meeting, as contained in DP/FPA/2000/CRP.2;


28 January 2000