Revision to the United Nations Population Fund Financial Regulations

The Executive Board

1. Approves the revisions to the United Nations Population Fund Financial Regulations as contained in document DP/FPA/2000/3, with amendments to regulations 2.1(k), 2.2C(ii), 2.2C(iv), 4.11, 5.5 and 17.2, as follows:

(a) Regulation 2.1(k): “implementing agency”, if other than the executing agency, shall mean an entity engaged by and accountable to the executing agency to provide programme/project inputs and deliver programme/project outputs.

(b) Regulation 2.2C(ii): “co-financing” shall mean a resource mobilization modality through which contributions, as defined in 2.2C(iv), may be received in support of specified purposes consistent with the policies, aims and activities of UNFPA. These contributions may be in the form of cost-sharing or trust funds and shall be considered over and above the regular resources available for programmes.

(c) Regulation 2.2C(iv): “contribution” shall mean cash or in-kind resources received from a Government or intergovernmental institution; United Nations agencies; or non-governmental sources, including foundations or private sector organizations, as well as individuals. Contributions cover programme costs as well as programme support and management and administration costs.

(d) Regulation 4.11: The Executive Director shall report annually to the Executive Board on contributions above $100,000 received from non-governmental sources.

(e) Regulation 5.5: The Executive Director shall require reimbursement of managerial and support services costs associated with the management and administration of trust funds up to the amount authorized by the Executive Board.

(f) Regulation 17.2: The Executive Director shall ensure that, except for organizations of the United Nations system, executing agencies shall require their auditors to follow, to the extent feasible, the audit principles and procedures prescribed for the United Nations with respect to funds obtained from or through UNFPA, and shall ensure that each project is audited periodically as required by the Executive Director, but at least once in its lifetime.

2. Emphasizes the continuing need for organizing, well in advance of the appropriate Executive Board session, informal consultations with Board Members on proposed draft changes of financial rules and regulations, with a view towards ensuring that the proposed changes and the rationale are fully and clearly explained in an appropriate and useful format;

3. Recommends that the United Nations Population Fund seek, whenever feasible, the views of the Consultative Committee on Administrative Questions (Financial and Budgetary Questions) on proposed changes of terminology in the Financial Rules and Regulations, with a view toward harmonization;

4. Encourages the United Nations Population Fund and the United Nations Development Programme to consult each other on the feasibility of developing a common regulation concerning contributions from non-governmental sources and to report to the Executive Board at its third regular session 2000;

5. Requests the Executive Director to keep the Financial Regulations under active review, including with regard to taking into account any adjustment that may facilitate the implementation of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework and to consult accordingly with members of the Executive Board.

28 January 2000