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Negombo, Sri Lanka What do young people from different parts of the world talk about when they talk about reproductive health? Is coming of age a very different experience in Bangladesh compared to Bulgaria or are many of the issues facing youth similar the world over?

What kinds of support do young people need to make a successful transition to adulthood? What do they want to policy makers to know?

All this week were featuring the thoughts and concerns of women and men ages 18-24 as they converge at a Youth Summit this week in Sri Lanka. We welcome your interest and invite you use the links at the left to find out more.

The Summit has brought together youth from seven Asian countries with their counterparts from Europe as part of the Reproductive Health Initiative for Youth in Asia. This groundbreaking initiative is supported by the European Union and UNFPA and implemented by a wide network of partner organizations.

Many of the young people here at the Summit are peer educators who have been trained to talk over reproductive health issues with people their own age. The Summit is giving them the opportunity to further develop their communication and leadership skills. It is also an intended to be a catalyst for new approaches that participants can use when they return home.

For more information contact:
Thierry Lucas: tlucas@unfpa.org
Galanne Deressa: deressa@unfpa.org

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