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2 August 2012
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MANILA — Shortly after sunrise, a woman with soulful eyes and short-cropped black hair hurried down a narrow alley in flip-flops, picking her way around clusters of squatting children, piles of trash and chunks of... Read more
14 December 2011
DURBAN — Innovative approaches are needed to lessen the effects of climate change, help countries adapt to global warming and promote the best use of scarce resources. This is the view of the United Nations agencies in... Read more
20 April 2010
Tweet SA’ADA, Yemen --- “We suffered a lot before reaching this camp,” recalls Khadija, 25, who has been affected by years of conflict in northern Yemen. “When I reached here I just had one dress. I had to wear it... Read more
21 March 2011
Tweet UNITED NATIONS, New York—A new agreement between UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, and the Government of Iraq will enhance efforts to meet the country’s development goals over the next four years. “We... Read more
7 January 2011
UNFPA has been a leader in applying cultural fluency to development and in garnering support from faith-based organizations to help carry out its mandate. These are complicated issues, as two recent papers issued by the... Read more
16 November 2009
| Français | Español | AMACHUMA CHICO, Bolivia — On the steep slopes leading down from the Huayna Potosi and Chacaltaya mountains lies a string of tiny communities where families eke out a meager living by keeping... Read more
26 October 2001
The reproductive needs of women need to be recognized as both emergency and development priorities, and should be integrated into both humanitarian assistance and development efforts, Thoraya Obaid, Executive Director... Read more
5 November 2001
Afghan women from all walks of life must be part of designing the humanitarian response, and male leaders should encourage their inclusion, says relief worker Sippi Azerbaijani-Moghaddam of the Women’s Commission, an... Read more
29 January 2002
The implications of rapid population growth for development and the environment will be far-reaching, Thoraya Obaid, Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), has warned in New York. Ms. Obaid,... Read more
31 March 2002
SHALMAN REFUGEE CAMP, Khyber Agency, Pakistan -- Tens of thousands of displaced Afghans are returning home on the road from Peshawar to Jalabad. But in this desolate place not far from the border, thousands more are... Read more