News on HIV & AIDS

14 July 2010
Today the Vienna YouthForce begins its three-day pre-conference, an event open to young people attending the 18th International AIDS Conference. The pre-conference will consist of informative sessions and skills-... Read more
1 December 2010
World AIDS Day 2010 comes on the heels of encouraging news about the epidemic. Evidence shows that the concerted global effort to reverse the epidemic is making progress. The most recent epidemiological data from UNAIDS... Read more
22 July 2010
VIENNA, Austria — When Omar, an 18 year-old Moroccan college student, fell in love with his classmate Salma, he felt nervous about broaching the use of condoms with her. It was his first time having sexual relations and... Read more
18 July 2010
In the News
Pham Xuan Tung talks eagerly and takes notes for his group during a biology lesson on HIV transmission and the replication of the virus in blood cells. This new type of highly interactive class is something Tung, a... Read more
19 July 2010
Poster for the music video, 'Quiet 'hood'' (Barrio Tranquilo). Right-click image to save high-resolution poster.Photo © UNFPA TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — What's the best way to inform young people about risks and get them... Read more
12 July 2010
In the News
As part of the UN South Africa Programme of Support to the FIFA 2010 World Cup, UNFPA and SWEAT (Sex Worker Education & Advocacy Taskforce) partnered with South African researchers to investigate key dimensions of... Read more