News on Female genital mutilation

25 June 2007
UNITED NATIONS, New York — Two award-winning films produced with the support of UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, underscore the challenges faced by girls growing up in two different parts of rural Africa. They... Read more
20 April 2010
Many organizations are working to eliminate female genital mutilation/cutting in Africa. But the organization that has been most successful in this, Senegal's Tostan, was not originally focused on this particular... Read more
22 April 2010
MADOGO (near Garissa), North East Province, Kenya — In the scorching heat of the midday sun, shaded by the horizontal branches of a dende tree, village elders and women leaders from five communities listened intently as... Read more
8 April 2010
AWASH, Afar Region, Ethiopia — A smile formed on Dohra Ali’s face when she recalled what her eldest daughter asked her a couple of years ago. “Mother, is there a place in this world where FGM is not practised where I... Read more
7 May 2010
This year, the month of June will be a time of celebration in Egypt. Parties will be thrown for young girls who have reached the age of 13 with their sexual organs uncut, having escaped the age-old practice of female... Read more
30 June 2010
NEW YORK — Being 15 years old – no longer a child but not quite an adult – is a challenge for girls everywhere. It’s a time when one’s body, emotions and capabilities are in flux, and when new tensions and demands often... Read more