18 August 2017
Las mujeres y las niñas se enfrentan a algunos de los mayores desafíos, incluyendo la amenaza de la fiebre del dengue y el Zika que afectan especialmente a las mujeres embarazadas, las barreras en el acceso a la planificación familiar y el mayor riesgo de violencia por razón de género. © UNFPA Perú / Juan Pablo Casapia
PIURA, Perú – Durante los meses de febrero a abril de este año, una serie de intensas lluvias e inundaciones en la costa norte del Perú provocaron una gran cantidad de desplazamientos y daños. Con más de un millón de... Read more
5 April 2017
María is leading recovery efforts in her community. "The situation is decaying each day," she said. © UNFPA/Cotera
LIMA, Peru – More than 1 million people have been affected by an unprecedented level of flooding, landslides and heavy rains in Peru. Twenty-four out of the country’s 25 departments are grappling with the crisis,... Read more
14 December 2016
These 10 New Year's resolutions are inspired by real people who are making positive, lasting change. Based on photo by UNFPA Zimbabwe/Nikita Little
UNITED NATIONS, New York – Tragedies have been dominating the headlines. War and persecution achieved a terrible new milestone this year: More people are displaced from their homes than ever before in human history, the... Read more
29 September 2016
This woman's second childbirth experience was totally different from her first, she says, because she was able to deliver in the traditional vertical position. © Panorama/Carlos Gomez
AYACUCHO, Peru – In Vilcashuamán, a Peruvian town perched thousands of metres high in the Andes, there is a surprise waiting at the health centre: A notice for expectant mothers declares, “You decide your birthing... Read more