Understanding Culture
Protecting Human Rights
A. Obaid

UNFPA Executive Director
Gender Equity Human Rights

Sierra Leone

Laying the groundwork
Starting off right
Bulding in sustainability
Caring for the individual
Gaining support through advocacy
The Projects

This exhibit can be used as both an advocacy and programming tool. It documents UNFPA’s experience in the field supporting projects that address violence against women in its many forms. Designed for both the general public and development practitioners, it documents approaches that can be used to confront this problem on a larger scale.

Other organizations, websites, schools and networks are encouraged to link to and use this resource in any way they can to spread awareness about gender-based violence and efforts to end it. Feel free to send the link to a friend. For questions, contact serrano@unfpa.org

Programming to Address Violence Against Women:
Ten Case Studies

Ending Violence Against Women:
Programming for Prevention, Protection and Care

Culture Matters
Working with Communities and Faith-based Organizations

Working from Within
Culturally Sensitive Approaches in UNFPA Programming

24 Tips for Culturally Sensitive Programming:
Guide to Working from Within

Addressing sexual violence in conflict situations
An international symposium convened by UNFPA highlighted the social, cultural and development costs of sexual violence and the benefits of prevention and care. For a full report on the proceedings, go to the symposium website.
UNFPA is also working to address the upsurge in rape in the Darfur region of Sudan. Read an interagency statement on the situation and an update on efforts there.

Ending pre-natal sex selection
Discrimination against daughters, leading to pre-birth sex selection or even infanticide, has left parts of China and South Asia with severe sex ratio imbalances. Read a feature and see a related video about progress in China. Read the feature and related case study on work in South Asia.

Speaking out against unacceptable practices
Half of the murders of women in some Arab countries are so-called 'honour killings', often committed by family members with impunity. View the video about the situation in Jordan and read a new report from Turkey. Other practices UNFPA works to end include child marriage, female genital cutting/mutilation and pre-natal sex selection (see above).

Providing alternatives to ‘survival sex'
In the capital of Haiti, which is plagued by political and social unrest, 11- and 12-year-old girls trade sexual favours for spending money. A drop-in centre offers them other options. Read the feature story.

Providing a safe haven for girls escaping coerced marriage
In many countries, forced child marriage robs girls of their human rights and subjects them to violence. UNFPA-supported shelters provide a haven for young girls trying to escape a cruel fate. Read the feature story, see the video and review the related Fact Sheet.

Highlighting the high costs of gender-based violence
Chapter 7 of the 2005 State of World Population report documents the high social, emotional and economic costs of gender-based violence. Read the chapter and related Fact Sheet.

Training police to deal with family violence
In many countries, UNFPA supports training of police officers to assist abused women by taking their cases seriously, informing them of their rights and sometimes even providing victim protection. Read the feature story and related workshop report.

Calling attention to a new form of slavery
UNFPA works closely with governments to address the ever-widening threat posed by human trafficking and supports women and girls in their recovery and return.

Assisting survivors of domestic violence
Most violence against women occurs in the home. But women often stay with abusive partners because they have no other place to go. UNFPA-supported shelters offer an alternative. Read the feature story, view a related video and learn more about programming approaches to the issue.

Addressing the needs of women in refugee camps

Refugee camps are intended to be safe havens - but displaced women often face many forms of gender-based violence. UNFPA has partnered on an interagency field manual that includes guidelines for addressing sexual and gender-based violence in refugee camps. See also the related video and feature story.

Promoting legislative reform and the enforcement of existing laws
UNFPA works with parliamentarians and monitors legislation in both Europe and the developing world having to do with domestic violence, gender equality and sexual exploitation and offences against minors.


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