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A. Obaid

UNFPA Executive Director
Gender Equity Human Rights

Sierra Leone

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Involve the media
Personal accounts of violence against women give a human face to the problem and are particularly effective in conveying the message that such violence is unacceptable. In many countries, the media are keen to cover such stories, partly because of the sensational nature of the topic. In Romania, special radio and television programmes on the subject were produced, along with newspaper and magazine articles. This type of coverage not only helped raise awareness of the problem and the fact that help is available, but served as an incentive among local politicians to do something about it. In Turkey, the countrys largest-circulation news paper initiated a campaign to fight violence against women, only to recognize later that it was a major contributor to the sexist attitudes that perpetuate it. The newspaper now evaluates every article from a gender perspective and has instituted related training for its journalists.

I did not know that when I was writing my news story I was actually perpetuating societal views that reinforce violence against women.

Journalist in a media training workshop in Turkey


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