Understanding Culture
Protecting Human Rights
A. Obaid

UNFPA Executive Director
Gender Equity Human Rights

Sierra Leone

Laying the groundwork

Starting off right
Rights-Based Approach
Involve Community
Targeting men
Entry points
Legislative Action
Local organizations
Power strutctures
Personal involment
Values vc. Practice
Bulding in sustainability
Caring for the individual
Gaining support through advocacy
The Projects

Target men, whose participation is key
Men are overwhelmingly the perpetrators of violence suffered by women. Yet even at the institutional level, the fight against gender-based violence has been dominated by women. One way to gain greater involvement of men is to make them the focus of sensitization efforts and awareness campaigns. Another is to solicit partners from sectors that are typically male domains, including law enforcement, certain sports and the military. Encouraging influential male role models or celebrities to speak out on the issue is another strategy that can be used to garner support from the general male public. In Turkey, the national football federation became a major partner in an advocacy campaign to stop violence against women. During the height of the football season, a captive audience of Turkish men sitting in front of their television sets watched as players donned t-shirts and paraded banners protesting violence against women.

If you live in a malechauvinist society, how will you change it if the people involved in doing so are all women?

UNFPA Representative in Romania


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