Understanding Culture
Protecting Human Rights
A. Obaid

UNFPA Executive Director
Gender Equity Human Rights

Sierra Leone

Laying the groundwork

Starting off right
Rights-Based Approach
Involve Community
Targeting men
Entry points
Legislative Action
Local organizations
Power strutctures
Personal involment
Values vc. Practice
Bulding in sustainability
Caring for the individual
Gaining support through advocacy
The Projects

Allow space for community involvement
A project should be flexible enough to accommodate the wishes of the community. Rather than following a preconceived set of activities, project staff in Bangladesh listened to what the community wanted. The community itself decided what types of gatherings should be arranged, who should attend and what topics should be discussed, when and where the meetings should be held, and what the role of various groups should be.One outcome of serious community engagement is that people enjoy a sense of ownership. They feel that a projectistheirs, andtheyareresponsibleforitssuccess.

We tried to form pressure groups within the community to discourage violence. Not only that, we also created opportunities for the community to plan their own programmes, and in that way the community began to own the project.

National Programme Officer, UNFPA-Bangladesh


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