Pakistan Crisis Puts Pregnant Women at GREATER Risk

Camp Clinics Give Displaced Pakistani Women Lifesaving Pregnancy Care

PESHAWAR, Pakistan, 09 June 2009- Growing numbers of pregnant women uprooted by conflict in the North-West Frontier Province are receiving essential medical care at facilities set up by UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund.

A 19-year-old from Buner last week became the first woman to give birth at one of five UNFPA-supported reproductive health clinics in camps for the displaced. Taj Bibi had walked 50 kilometres in two days before reaching the Yar Hussein camp in Swabi district.

"The journey was very hard. I had to stop and rest many times," says Taj Bibi. She had rarely been outside her home before the Pakistani Army abruptly told residents of her village to leave.

When she went into labour room in her tent she was too modest to seek help despite the pain, but after two days without giving birth her husband brought her to the clinic.

"She was anaemic and dehydrated, and so weak that she fainted every time she had a contraction," says midwife Bagh-e-Gul. "We feared she would not survive the trip to the hospital, so we reassured her and made her feel comfortable and delivered the baby here." More

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