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UNFPA in Gaza

Looking Out for the Needs of Women During the Protracted Crisis in Gaza

MAP: Situation in Gaza Strip (as of 15 Jan 2009)


Fast Facts on the Gaza Strip

Gaza, Occupied Palestinian Territory, 10 February 2009 — The fighting in Gaza has ended, for the most part. But tens of thousands of Palestinians remain homeless, crammed into shelters or homes of friends or families, with little food or water. Many are mourning the loss of multiple family members, while dealing with their own injuries and depression.

The three-week incursion compounded a protracted humanitarian crisis in Gaza: 18 months of restrictions on the entry of goods have constrained livelihoods and many essential basic services, deepening the vulnerability of Gaza's population. The current flow of aid and staff into Gaza is not sufficient to meet the need.

While the UN Relief and Works Agency is providing basic commodities - including drinking water, bread and blankets - UNFPA, as part of the interagency response team, is making sure that other pressing needs, especially ones that are critical to women, are not overlooked.

For example, UNFPA is pushing to ensure that sanitary supplies, diapers and clean wipes stay on the priority list of items to be trucked into Gaza, according to Pamela Delargy, chief of UNFPA's humanitarian response unit. more...

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