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11 December 2014 Displaced Iraqi health workers empowered to serve community
ERBIL, Iraq – Dr. Suhair Abdul Alghffar, an obstetrician in Iraq, understands the hardships her patients face, having essentially walked in their shoes. She is one of an estimated 2 million people thought who are...
Dignity kits meet hygiene needs of displaced women and girls in Iraq
28 October 2014 Dignity kits meet hygiene needs of displaced women and girls in Iraq
DUHOK, Iraq – In crisis situations, the needs for shelter, food and security are rightly given urgent attention. Yet the specific needs of women and girls are too often overlooked. Some 1.8 million people are internally...
Safe delivery services come to Domiz refugee camp, Iraq
2 October 2014 Safe delivery services come to Domiz refugee camp, Iraq
DUHOK, Iraq – "The clinic is always crowded," said Lava Abdul Rahman, a gynaecologist at the UNFPA maternity clinic in Domiz, a refugee camp in northern Iraq. Each day, between 30 and 35 pregnant women come to...



Millions of people in Iraq have been internally displaced by fighting between government forces and armed opposition groups. Tens of thousands have sought refuge in Sinjar, a desert mountain, since the violence intensified in August 2014. The emergency has been complicated by the arrival of hundreds of thousands of refugees who have sought safety from the crisis in neighbouring Syria.

UNFPA is helping to deliver quality obstetric services to pregnant women affected by the crisis, distributing reproductive health kits for antenatal and postnatal care to hospitals and family planning centers. The Fund is also supporting the distribution of hygiene supplies to women and girls of reproductive age. Additionally, in clinics and safe spaces in camps and shelters, UNFPA is working with partners to provide essential health services to women of reproductive age, and is supporting psychosocial care for women and girls affected by violence or trauma.

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Regional Situation Report for Syria Crisis - November 2014
The crises in Syria and Iraq have caused a flood of movement that continue to destabilize neighboring countries and pose a threat to regional stability and to countries around the world.
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