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» The Facts
» October 12
The Day of 6 Billion
» The Myth of Shrinking Population
» Three Faces of Reality
» Population & the Environment
» Poverty, Population &- Development
» Equality & Equity
Empowerment of Women
» Youth & Population
» Consumption & Resources
» Family Planning & Reproductive Health
» Urbanization & Migration
The New Trends
» Money Matters:
Financial Commitments


» Contacts:
» Contacts:
United Nations
» U.S. Scorecard
» Journalist's Notebook

U.S. Non-Governmental Organizations

Alan Guttmacher Institute, Sara Seims, President. Contact: Susan Tew, Deputy Director of Communications,, (212) 248-1111, ext. 2208,

AVSC International, Amy Pollack, President. Contact: Rachael Pine, JD, Director for Public Affairs,, (212) 561-8470,

Center for Reproductive Law and Policy, Janet Benshoof, President. Barbara Becker, Acting Director of Communications,, (212) 514-5534,

Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA), Peggy Curlin, President; Patricia Sears, Public Affairs and Communications Coordinator,, (202) 667-1142,

Communications Consortium Media Center. Kathy Bonk,, (202) 326-6767, or Ketayoun Darvich-Kodjouri, (202) 326-8724

Family Care International. Contact: Jill Sheffield, President,, (212) 941-5300,

Family Planning Management Development Project/Management Sciences for Health, Catherine Crone Coburn, President. Contact: Penelope Riseborough, Director of External Relations,, (617) 524-7766,

International Women's Health Coalition (IWHC), Adrienne Germain, President. Hilary Maddux, Director of Communications,, (212) 979-8500,

Izaak Walton League of America, Paul Hansen, Executive Director. Contact: Jim Baird, Sustainability Education Project Director,, (301) 548-0150,

Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, Phyllis Piotrow, Director. Contact: Stephen Goldstein, Managing Editor, Population Reports,, (410) 659-6300,

League of Women Voters/Population Coalition, Marilyn Hempel, Executive Director,, (909) 307-6597.

National Audubon Society, John Flicker, President. Contacts: Population and Habitat Campaign, Ken Strom,, Lise Rousseau,, (303) 442-2600,

National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, Judith DeSarno, President and CEO. Contact: Meg DeRonghe, Senior Public Policy Analyst,, (202) 293-3114,

National Wildlife Federation, Barbara Bush, Director, Population and Environment Program,, (202) 797-6638,

Pathfinder International, Daniel Pellegrom, President. Kate Bourne, Director of Public Affairs,, (617) 924-7200 , x262.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Gloria Feldt, President. Sandra Jordan, Media Relations Manager,, (202) 785-3351,

Population Action International, Amy Coen, President; Sally Ethelston, Director, Media Relations,, (202) 659-1833,

Population Communications International, David Andrews, President. Patrice Newman, News & Information,, (202) 687-3366,

Population Council, Linda G. Martin, President; Sandra Waldman, Director, Public Information,, (212) 339-0525,

Population Institute, Werner Fornos, President. Contact: Hal Burdett, Director of Public Information,, (202) 544-3300,

Population Reference Bureau, Peter Donaldson, President. Contact: Ellen Carnevale, Communications Director,, (202) 483-1100,

Program for Appropriate Technologies in Health (PATH), Gordon Perkin, President. Contact: Elaine Murphy, Ph.D., Director of PATH/NCIH Women's Reproductive Health Initiative,, (202) 822-0033,

Save the Children, Charles MacCormack, President. Mary Beth Powers, Reproductive Health Advisor,, (203) 221-4269,

Sierra Club, Carl Pope, President. Contact: Carol Schlitt, Director of Population Program,, (202) 547-1141,

Women's Environment and Development Organization. June Zeitlin, Executive Director,, (212) 973-0325, Zero Population Growth, Peter Kostmayer, President. Contact: Mark Daley, Press Officer,, (202) 745-3179, (800) 767-1956,